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As show sponsors, Royal Canin have recently altered the way any prize "gift certificates" can be claimed & have issued this statement:
“Don't forget that you can still redeem your gift certificates won at shows sponsored by Royal Canin by contacting their Area Business Manager. To find out who the Business Manager is for your area, click here:



MGRC committee,  are aware that at the current time puppies are in very high demand. The committee would like to say that with social distancing many reputable breeders who don’t view mating their bitch as essential business have made the decision not to have puppies at the current time. 

Be very cautious about people asking for inflated prices for their puppy and also those making excuses about not having the basic health checks done. We would not encourage you to purchase a puppy who does not have the following tests done and within acceptable ranges: Hip scoring, Elbow Scoring and an eye test within the last 12 months.  Ask to see the paper copies of the health test results and you can also check them by putting in the parents details into the Kennel Club website


Another scam that seems to be occurring is people asking for a big deposit for a puppy.  It is not reasonable to ask for a deposit for a puppy that has not yet been born, or to be asked for a deposit when you have not met the breeder.


If you do decide to purchase a puppy at the moment look very carefully at the environment and the mother, also ask the breeder about how they have been able to socialise the puppy with the current restrictions.  If you are unsure about any aspect of what you see or hear while you are dealing with the breeder we would strongly advise you not to go through with the purchase, you can end up having a lot of heart ache and financial commitment if you do end up with a badly bred or reared puppy.  Wait until right puppy and breeder comes along in the future. It is worth waiting for the right dog as hopefully a Golden Retriever will live for a long time and be a wonderful addition to your household for more than a decade.


We would also like to highlight that at the moment it will be very difficult to adequately socialise and train a puppy. In addition if you are at home furloughed, think about the future. If you lose your job can you afford to keep your dog. Also how will your dog respond to being left alone once you need to leave them to go back to work?  Separation anxiety can be a real problem and can result in your dog becoming very stressed and destroying you house.

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